05 maio, 2014

1# Stay Fit Giveaway International

Hi guys!
Yes, it's true! I'm starting off my Monthly Giveaways with an international! I thought it would be the best way to kick off with!
The rules are really simple and of course, there are some extras!
Mandatory Rules:
1) Follow Miss Giggles
2) Share the giveaway (wherever you want)
3) Comment a post of your choice. Commenting on this post, doesn't count
4) Your email
5) Country - I want to know where your from :)

Extra Entries:
6) Being a fan of Simple
7) Being a fan on Lookbook.nu
8) Top 10 - write your name GFC (only if your on the Top 10 list)

5th May until 21st May!
Let's see the prizes :)
May, is the month of  intense workout! 
So I though of giving out, 3 essential items for a nice workout!
fitness top, water bottle & gym towel
backside of the top

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16 comentários:

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